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At Pop Rock Progeny, we are committed to making your entire experience as easy and care-free as possible. We want you to be 100%  confident in your choice to book with us and all that entails. That is why this page will explain some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • What is the difference between a "Party Ready Package", 'Arcadia Away Package and an "At Home Package?

Our Party Ready and Arcadia Away Packages offer the same epic party services. But our Party Ready packages are held/hosted at our Monroe location and your come to us. We come to you when you book either our Arcadia Away or At Home package. ~With an Arcadia Away Package, we bring our Mobile Tiny House Unit (Arcadia) to host your event on outside at your preferred location. ~With an At Home Package, we bring all equipment and supplies needed to set up and host your event inside or outside at your preferred location! 

*Check individual package pages for more details of what services are included in each!

  • Do you have Packages for Less than 6 kids?

At this time we do not have pricing available for less then 6 children as it takes a lot to bring our complete At Home set up or our Tiny House Mobile Unit to you. You can however have less guest then you booked for at your event if you so choose (Not More). Or you can have any adults join in on the fun for the missing number of children! ^_^

  • More kids showed up then expected and/or booked for, can they join in?

We are sorry but we can not cater to more children then originally planned for. You will be asked to choose which children are to participate in the Experience and those up to the number you've booked for may enter the Unit. If it as an At Home Package then of course more children may be at your event but PRP will only be able to service the amount of guest booked for!

  • I live 45 minutes away from Monroe, can I still book with you?

Currently our Party Ready Packages are Hosted at our Monroe location. We serve all of Monroe County with our Arcadia Away Packages. We also serve and come to you in Wayne county with our "At Home" Packages! This is because we are a small independently owned business. Still, we have been seeing an amazing amount of interest in our service and the PopRock Experience so we will strive to grow. That way we will be able to cater to even more of the wonderful people in our area!

  • How much space is needed the day of the event to park the PRP Unit when Arcadia is booked?

The PRP Tiny House Mobile Unit Arcadia requires a large parking space. Taking into consideration the 20ft unit, 15ft truck and space to enter/exit; we recommend having a minimum of 40ft easy parking. This means most commonly street parking, a large parking lot where we take up multiple spaces or circular/horseshoe driveways (we do not pull or back into straight driveways). Street parking in front of a house usually means that we will have to block the driveway and sometimes also the neighbors front yard. Most of the time this is not an issue at all but we suggest you talk with your neighbor in advance. It is the clients responsibility to have an acceptable parking space available for the PRP Unit. 

  • Where can I have my event?

We will host your Party Ready event at our Monroe location. We can host your 'Arcadia Away" or At Home" event at any safe location within Monroe County. And your "At Home'" event at any safe location within Wayne County. That could include Your home, a willing friends/family house, church lot, business or club room or public park as long as you have consent. You as the client are responsible to inquire about rather the location will need any permits to park. We are not responsible if we are told to shut down and you will not be liable for a refund. You can choose where to have your "At Home" or "Party Ready" event. We bring the party to you at your favorite location!

  • What type of events can I book PRP for? 

Almost any event you can think of! Birthdays - Girls Night Out - Holiday parties - Team Bonding experiences - Scout Outings - Homecoming or Prom Pre & After Parties - Community, Church or Business events - Fundraisers - Family Functions - Bachelorette parties and the list goes on!

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